"Panel de Trabajo": octubre 2006- junio 2007

Participación en "Sense Titol", exposición en la Facultad de Bellas Artes de Barcelona.

le terrain concret?

Malmoe - documenta magazines

Un archivo de la revista Malmoe que ha participado en la experiencia de documenta magazines y que da un repaso a la precariedad en el sistema del arte, del la cual el proyecto documenta magazines no es ninguna excepción.

Algunas joyas que resumen el texto:

"the institution gets their credibility on board and cheaply procures information from decentral networks, which would have required a major research effort for outsiders."

"A limited amount of participatns is selected to take part in a kind of competition, where they are to provide unpaid work containing performative aspects within a prespecified framework involving special tasks. Among these, winners are selected via a mixture of group processes and expert decisions. This is nothing unusual in the art world, but the common model in most exhibitions below the upper segment of the market."

"Why is this offer to work on assignments of an institution without getting paid accepted by the cultural workers? Because taking part in such a project promises social and symbolic capital which is valuable in itself and might even be transformed into economic capital in the future."

"doubts were raised tot the point of internal conflict, centering around the problem of taking part in a state-sponsored project under exploitative conditions."


terrain concret

Trabajo en proceso - en breve la versión completa.